FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the services? On Sunday we have one morning service at 9:00AM and Bible Classes starting at 10:30AM. We meet at 5:00PM on Sunday nights. From mid-August through mid-May, we meet in our homes in LIFE Groups on Sunday night. There is a LIFE Groups which meets at the building at 5PM every Sunday.

Where is the church located? Our address is 112 Division Street, Smyrna, TN 37167. We are located just off the round-a-bout in historic uptown Smyrna, about six miles off the interstate.

What are LIFE Groups? Growing closer as we prayerfully apply God's Word. In the fall of 2005 we began LIFE Groups, our church's small group ministry. Our elders made the decision to start LIFE Groups based upon a strong conviction that small groups are a biblical way for us to reach out, grow closer to the Lord and grow closer to one another.

LIFE Groups center around applying God's Word to daily life, service to others and building meaningful relationships. Weekly studies challenge us to consider how we can best live out our faith in today's world.

Do you have a children's ministry?Absolutely! We have a vibrant Children's Ministry that offers Bible classes for children ages 6 months to 5th grade. We also have several events throughout the year to enjoy fun and fellowship together. Check out our Children’s Ministry page for more details!



Do you have a nursery? We have two nurseries, one for infants and one for toddlers. Stop by the welcome center when you enter our foyer and we will be glad to escort you to the nursery. These rooms offer privacy for nursing mothers and are equipped with sound and video to view the worship service. The rooms are also equipped with toys and activities for the children.

What about the teens? We got'em and we love'em! Rob Hartman serves as our Student Minister and would be pleased to meet you and your teen. SSM, Smyrna Student Ministry, is on Facebook and Twitter where you can find out the latest with Rob and the teens. We are a safe place... friends and caring adults that listen... biblical morality... A faith that last.... These are our values.

Our Student Ministry is comprised of 100+ Middle and High School Students. SSM represents many of our local schools: public, private and home school. Over 20 adults are involved weekly and actively with our Student Ministry. Our three main goals are Discipleship, Service and Church Family. We want to graduate baptized, spirit filled disciples of Jesus who get their hands dirty helping others and feel a connection to the multi-generational church family.

I am attending college and looking for a church home. Do you have a place for College Students? Yes, we do! We call it the HAVYN: Home Addressing Various Young-adult Needs. This special place, next door to the church, provides a hang-out for our college students to connect with others. It is equipped with a kitchen, men and women's restrooms, entertainment center, game room and study room. Over half of believers who stop attending church, do so during their college years. That's what makes our college ministry so important. In everything we do, we seek to enable our college age members to stay connected to the Lord, His church and one another throughout the early years of adulthood. This connection takes place through weekly gatherings, service opportunities, LIFE Group meetings, frequent contact and special events.

I am divorced. Do you minister to divorced people? God hates divorce, but He loves divorced people and so do we! We believe the church to be a place for healing and reconciliation. We welcome you and will help you in recovery from your wounds. We will help you find your place in service here at the Smyrna Church of Christ because we all desire to give back and glorify Christ!

I am a senior and looking to connect with a church family. Do you have something for me? "Let's Go", says Brother Tim Lavender our involvement and seniors minister. We love our seniors and invite you to be a part of our Young at Heart group. The Smyrna Church of Christ Young at Heart has been organized since 1995. The purpose of the group is to provide a way for those who are over 55 to get together and do a few things. Fellowship and love for one another is the top priority. We go somewhere or do something once each month and would be glad for other Christians to join us.

What is Peak of the Week? We are opening our newly expanded and upgraded fellowship room and kitchen. On Wednesday nights at 6PM we come together for food and fellowship. Everyone pitches in a few dollars for a good meal prior to the start of our bible classes.

What is Cheap of the Week? During a portion of the year when we do not offer Peak of the Week, we all go out to eat at one of the local fast food restaurants and continue to enjoy fellowship on Wednesday nights at 6:00PM.

How do the Women connect and serve? Our women are on WINGS: Women in God's Service. There is so much our ladies do; it would take a ream of paper to explain it all. Find all the ways SCC women support each other, the church and the community. Special classes, babysitting, prepared meals, retreats, Hospitali-TEA, wedding and baby showers, Canon Cancer Center and Women @ The Well are just a few ways they give glory to Christ.

How do the Men connect and serve? We expect our men to get REAL! REAL Men of God is a ministry of the Smyrna Church of Christ that believes all men have a God given purpose and Godly legacy. Our mission is to build fully devoted followers of Christ by:
Reach up to God and out to others!
Equip through study for service!
Account to God and each other!
Lead our families and the church!

Men are wired (or taught to be wired) to be strong individuals but still need the partnership of other men. We are inspired by stories and movies where men rally together as a team, platoon, club, gang, etc. and accomplish something greater than they could as an individual. We believe this innate feeling of inspiration or awe is God-given. Christian men need Christian men to accomplish great things in life.

Do you study the Bible? Yes, we believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and we have a strong commitment to the education of the church family. Jim Morgan serves as our Education Minister Director. The mission of the education ministry is to provide Biblically-based, relevant, life-changing classes and opportunities for spiritual growth for all ages of the church here at Smyrna, through regular weekly Bible classes and through special needs classes that focus on current issues pertinent to the family of God at the Smyrna Church of Christ. In a congregation the size of Smyrna, most lasting friendships and relationships are developed within the Bible class setting, so we try to make the classes something special that will facilitate small group relationships.

Do you offer Professional Counseling? YES! Our AGAPE staffed Counseling Center is located at the Signet House, 103 Maple Street, Smyrna, TN. We live in a world where children and families face an ever-increasing number of pressures. AGAPE's licensed staff counselors are able to help individuals, as well as families, deal with these pressures. A sliding scale fee makes this service available to anyone needing help. Whether its depression, anxiety, emotional or behavioral challenges with a child, or marital difficulties, AGAPE's dedicated professionals want to help you back on the path to healing. Counseling is offered two days per week on Monday and Wednesday. Call 615.355.8711 to for an appointment or additional information.

What do you believe regarding Marriage? We Believe Healthy Marriages are the Key to Healthy Families and a Strong Church. We believe God created marriage to be enjoyed, and as a means to bring a fuller, richer, more spiritually centered life to both spouses.

Gary Hickerson, LAPSW is a Clinical Social Worker at NHC Healthcare, Inc. Gary has a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work with over 25 years experience counseling couples, families and individuals. Gary also has 11 years of university-level teaching experience. Gary and his wife Lisa have been married for over 35 years and have a grown daughter and son.

Through marriage retreat weekends, bible classes, small group discussions, counseling, and one- on-one prayer and discussion, we thoroughly explore God's design for marriage and how to make a life-long commitment work in the realities of today's world. Please contact Gary for further information.

How do you serve the Community? Located adjacent to the church campus is our Pantry House. Church volunteers prepare and distribute over 200 bags of groceries two days each week. We also provide groceries to the seniors living in the Smyrna Housing Authority complex located just behind our campus. Our teen and adult LIFE Groups connect with charitable organizations in our community such as Habitat for Humanity or the Boys & Girls Club providing human resources for special community serving events. We have a group called CARE Ministry which travels providing disaster relief by way of cutting down fallen or stricken trees and cleaning up debris. Our service teams prepare Magi Boxes for Healing Hands, sew clothes for the children in Honduras, visit and sing in the local nursing and assisted living facilities and prepare cards and mail to our military and shut-ins.

What can we expect in worship? We love to sing and praise the Lord! Our worship services are uplifting and various formats are presented each month to focus on Praise, Study, Service or Ministry. We celebrate the Lord's Supper (communion) every Sunday, seeing this memorial as an integral part of the early Christian's gatherings as Jesus instructed (Luke 22:19-23; Acts 20:7; I Corinthians 11:23-28).

We sing praises and spiritual songs accapella – that is, without the accompaniment of musical instruments (Colossians 3:16, 17; Ephesians 5:19). Scripture is read from and preached (I Timothy 4:13; II Timothy 4:2). Heart-felt prayers are led in each assembly. And, we take a free will offering from our members to support our ministry (I Corinthians 16:1, 2; II Corinthians 9:6, 7). What is the vision of the leaders? We have prepared our vision as "Inspiring each other to glorify Christ by growing, connecting and reaching." The goals of the Smyrna Church of Christ are: Growing in Worship, Growing in Study, Growing in Holiness, Connecting in Healthy Relationships, Connecting in Involvement, Connecting in LIFE Groups, Reaching those Searching, Reaching the Community and Reaching the Broken Hearted.

What is the vision of the leaders? We have prepared our vision as "Inspiring each other to glorify Christ by growing, connecting and reaching." The goals of the Smyrna Church of Christ are: Growing in Worship, Growing in Study, Growing in Holiness, Connecting in Healthy Relationships, Connecting in Involvement, Connecting in LIFE Groups, Reaching those Searching, Reaching the Community and Reaching the Broken Hearted.

I am recovering from an addiction. What can I expect? We believe the church to be a place of reconciliation and healing. You are welcome and we will help you continue your spiritual and recovery practice. For those searching in faith, Jesus always reached out his hand and touched those broken-hearted. We desire to practice the same and be conformed into the likeness of Christ.

How do I become a part of the church family? We are pleased that you are considering the Smyrna Church of Christ as your new home. When we obey the gospel and are baptized into Christ we are added to His church (Acts 2:41). Placing membership allows you to put down roots, enjoy being connected with other Christians and be shepherded by the eldership. Our prayer is that placing membership with us will be exciting and prove to be a decision that you will look back on several years from now as being one of the best decisions in your life.

Our values, vision and goals provide a framework for you to begin your spiritual journey as a member of the Smyrna church. So, let's start this journey! Please complete the new member form. Once submitted, you will be contacted to meet with our Shepherds so they can get to know you and allow you to get to know us. Then, we will welcome you to the congregation by introducing you at the Sunday morning services. Soon after introduction, we will guide you to opportunities for service through discovery of your former church experiences and the spiritual gifts given to you by our heavenly Father. We look forward to walking this journey together!

Is your building available for weddings and showers? Yes. Please call our office at 615.459.3217 to schedule and obtain our policies and usage cost for these events.

Is your building available for meetings or gatherings of community organizations or sports teams? Yes. Please call our office at 615.459.3217 for availability, scheduling and usage policies.

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