College Ministry


Over Half of believers who stop attending church, do so during their college years. That’s what makes our college ministry so important. In everything we do, we seek to enable our college age members to stay connected to the Lord, His church and one another throughout the early years of adulthood. This connection takes place through weekly gatherings, service opportunities, LIFE Group meetings, frequent contact and special events.


The college ministry takes seriously Jesus’ call to service. Our student initiated ministry, Quarters for Christ, collects spare change from within the congregation in order to provide assistance to people in need. Several members of our ministry demonstrate service through teaching classes and leading activities like summer camp and VBS for the youth and children of our congregation. And, periodically we take our class on the road in order to visit the elderly, sick and shut-in members of our congregation.


Because we believe it is important for college aged Christians to have meaningful connections with church members from life stages other than their own, the members of the college ministry attend various LIFE Groups within our congregation. A good way to become a part of a LIFE Group is to simply come to class and find out who is attending what group and they can tell you when and where their group meets.


One of the time-honored traditions of the Smyrna College Ministry is care packages. Once in the fall and once in the spring our students receive a care-package reminding them that we love them and regularly pray for them. And we stay in touch on a more frequent basis through email, text-messaging and Facebook.