For information on opportunities, events and ways to help your marriage, contact Gary HickersonTo help maintain and restore healthy, godly, Christian marriages as a part of the central identity of who we are as Christ’s church. Healthy Marriages are the Key to Healthy Families and a Strong Church.

With the sanctity of marriage constantly under attack, it is increasingly important that Christians become proactive in promoting strong, healthy, godly marriages. And even more significantly, God created marriage to be something spectacular for us to enjoy. We must recognize the wonderful gift God’s given us.

We want to help! We believe that God created marriage as a covenant relationship unlike any other. We believe God created marriage to be enjoyed, and as a means to bring a fuller, richer, more spiritually centered life to both spouses.

Through marriage retreat weekends, bible classes, small group discussions, counseling, and one- on-one prayer and discussion, we thoroughly explore God’s design for marriage and how to make a life-long commitment work in the realities of today’s world.